The ASCAP Foundation Joe Raposo Children's Music Award

To honor his legacy, the family of Joe Raposo established The ASCAP Foundation Joe Raposo Children's Music Award, which supports talent in the area of children's music. Raposo, one of the creators of Sesame Street and its first and longtime musical director, wrote music for such diverse talents as Kermit The Frog, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dr. Seuss, Barbra Streisand and Cookie Monster. "Sing," "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" and the "Sesame Street Theme" are among the songs to earn Joe five Grammys and multiple Gold and Platinum albums. 

Only songwriters who have not been signed to a major publishing label or record deal are eligible. Additionally, they must be an ASCAP member or unaffiliated.  

Past Recipients:

Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback 2020
Joanna de Seyne & Jennifer Paskow 2019
Kira Willey 2018
Kyler England & Lalo Crane 2017
Dan Bern 2016
Alastair Moock 2015
Justin Lansing & Joe Mailander 2014
Lori Henriques 2013
Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall 2012
Chris Ballew & Garry Novikoff 2011
Dan Mackenzie 2010