The ASCAP Foundation Jerry Herman Broadway Legacy Prize

November 5, 2015

The ASCAP Foundation Jerry Herman Broadway Legacy Prize was created as part the nationwide series of concerts and educational programs made possible by ASCAP member Jerry Herman. Recipients of the Prize are high school and university students chosen from a musical theater performing master class held in each touring city and hosted by the Jerry Herman Broadway performers. One local student is then selected by a panel of performers and mentors to perform in the concert.

Past Recipients:

CA - Cailen Fu
Allison Parker


FL - Sarah Berry
Gerald Wesley Biggs
Micaela Jillian Boyle
Alexander Christophy
Jeremy Cutter
Ariel Dykes
Ethan Ellis
Diana Truman
Nikolas Whitaker
Terrence L. Williams, jr.


UT - Wilson Paul Hicken
Amanda McDonell
John Peterson
Tori Sicklick
Jamie Ann Traxler- Deaton


Anthony Hurd, Morgan Kruger - Milwaukee, WI 2016
Rhetta Kampel, Brian Moss Klimowski - Phoenix, AZ 2016
Victoria Juarez, Jeremy Wright - Tulsa, OK 2015
Marcella Brown, Jacob Hartman - Naples, FL 2015