The ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award

The ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award was established by Jay's wife, Sondra, and his son, Dr. Roderic Gorney. In the spirit of Jay's song, "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" which he wrote with lyricist E.Y. "Yip" Harburg, this award is presented for an original song based on its message of social conscience/social significance as well as overall craft, artistry and compositional elements.

Past Recipients:

Lindsay Gitter, Eliza Spear, Rachael Williams 2020
Marc Rosett 2019
Trevor de Verteuil 2018
Bev Grant 2017
Scott Evan Davis 2016
Eric Hansen 2015
Ric Taylor 2014
Cheryl DaVeiga & Anthony Krizan 2013
Dustin James 2012
Max Fisher 2011
John Francis 2010
Christina Lord & John Munnelly 2009