40th Annual ASCAP Deems Taylor Awards Presented


New York, October 15, 2007. The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) has announced the winners of the 40th Annual ASCAP Deems Taylor Awards for outstanding print, broadcast and new media coverage of music. The winners will be honored at a special reception on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at The Allen Room, Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway at 60th Street, New York City. Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars have been distributed in cash prizes to winning authors, journalists and broadcast producers and personalities.

The ASCAP Deems Taylor Multimedia Award honors WNYC FM and wnyc.org for 24 Hours and 33 Minutes, The Playful and Playable Cage: A WNYC Festival (Alex Ambrose, Producer; Helga Davis, Host; Brad Cresswell, webmaster; George Preston, WNYC Music Director; and Limor Tomer, Executive Producer).

In the Television Broadcast category ASCAP honors American Masters – Les Paul: Chasing Sound, which aired on PBS (John Paulson, director; James Arntz, writer and producer; Susan Lacy, Executive Producer American Masters; Glenn Aveni, Executive Producer Icon Television Music).

The ASCAP Deems Taylor Radio Broadcast Award honors the long-running weekly program Idiot's Delight, hosted by free-form deejay Vin Scelsa that airs on WFUV FM New York. Scelsa is celebrating his 40th anniversary as an on-air personality in 2007.

The Timothy White Award for Outstanding Musical Biography in the pop music field honors Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock 'n' Roll, written by Rick Coleman and published by Da Capo Press. This award was established to honor the memory of Billboard Magazine editor Timothy White, who passed away in early 2002. Mr. White was himself a former Deems Taylor recipient, and was the writer of acclaimed biographies of Bob Marley, Brian Wilson, and James Taylor.

The Nicolas Slonimsky Award for Outstanding Musical Biography in the concert music field honors Claire Fontijn for Desperate Measures: The Life and Music of Antonia Padoani Bembo, published by Oxford University Press. This award was established to honor the memory of Slonimsky (1894 – 1995), the Russian-American composer, conductor, musicologist and critic. Slonimsky was the writer of Baker's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, The Lexicon of Musical Invective and Perfect Pitch , an autobiography.

The Béla Bartók Award for Excellence in Ethnomusicology honors Theodore Craig Levin and Valentina Sϋzϋkei for Where Rivers and Mountains Sing: Sound, Music and Nomadism in Tuva and Beyond , published by Indiana University Press. This award honors the memory of Bartók (1881-1945), the great Hungarian-American composer and ethnomusicologist.

The authors and publishers of the books to be honored at the ceremony are:

  • Joe Boyd for White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, published by Serpent's Tail
  • Debra DeSalvo for The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu, published by Billboard Books
  • John Gennari for Blowin' Hot and Cool: Jazz and Its Critics, published by The University of Chicago Press
  • Malcolm Gillies, David Pear and Mark Carroll for Self-Portrait of Percy Grainger, published by Oxford University Press
  • Lorraine Gordon and Barry Singer for Alive at the Village Vanguard: My Life In and Out of Jazz Time, published by Hal Leonard Trade Books
  • Philip Gossett for Divas and Scholars: Performing Italian Opera, published by University of Chicago Press
  • Steven Mithen for The Singing Neanderthals: the Origins of Music, Language, Mind and Body, published by Harvard University Press
  • Ben Johnston for Maximum Clarity and Other Writings on Music, published by University of Illinois Press
  • Jack Sullivan for Hitchcock's Music, published by Yale University Press

The writers and editors of journal, magazine and newspaper articles, and liner notes, and their respective publishers to be honored are:

  • Bill Bentley for his liner notes, Willie Nelson: The Complete Atlantic Sessions, released by Rhino Records
  • Marilee Bradford for her liner notes, Random Harvest/The Yearling, released by Film Score Monthly
  • Elizabeth B. Crist for her article, "Mutual Responses in the Midst of an Era: Aaron Copland's The Tender Land and Leonard Bernstein's Candide," published by The Journal of Musicology, University of California Press
  • Francis Davis for his article, "The Singing Epidemic," published in The Atlantic Monthly
  • Ben Edmonds for his liner notes The Pretenders: Pirate Radio, released by Rhino Records.
  • Ralph P. Locke for his article "Liszt on the Artist in Society," published by Bard Music Festival Paperbacks/Princeton University Press
  • Ted Panken for his article "Smalls Universe," published by DownBeat
  • Nadia Pflaum for her article "Horn Dog," published by The Pitch
  • Molly Sheridan for her article "Start Small, Think Big," published by Symphony
  • Guy Sterling for his articles, "When Country was King: Before Rock Ruled, N.J. Saw A Golden Age of Country Music," "Judy, Judy, Judy: Remembering the Triumphant Career –And Tragic Life – Of A Show Business Icon," and "Chasing the 'Trane," published by The Star-Ledger

In addition, ASCAP Deems Taylor Special Recognition Awards will be presented to:

  • Bridge Records, Inc.
  • Ted Gioia for his books Work Songs and Healing Songs, published by Duke University Press
  • Jeff Gordinier for his article "HOOOO-" published by Details
  • Dan Morgenstern for his liner notes to Fats Waller & His Rhythm: If You Got to Ask, You Ain't Got It, issued by Sony/BMG/Legacy
  • Claude V. Palisca (writer) and Thomas J. Mathiesen (editor) for the book Music and Ideas in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, published by University of Illinois Press

The members of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Awards Panel for 2007 are Daniel Felsenfeld, Julie Flanders, Pat Irwin, David Massengill, Richard Miller, Paul Moravec, Frank J. Oteri, Matthew Shipp, and Wesley Stace.

Established in 1914, ASCAP is the first and leading U.S. Performing Rights Organization representing the world's largest repertory totaling over 8.5 million copyrighted musical works of every style and genre from more than 300,000 songwriter, composer and music publisher members. ASCAP has representation arrangements with over 90 music rights organizations such that the ASCAP repertory is represented in nearly every country around the world. ASCAP protects the rights of its members and foreign affiliates by licensing the public performances of their copyrighted works and distributing royalties based upon surveyed performances. ASCAP is the only American Performing Rights Organization owned and governed by its writer and publisher members. www.ascap.com



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