23rd Annual ASCAP Deems Taylor Award Recipients


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  • William Rothstein * Phrase Rhythm in Tonal Music * Schirmer Books
  • Wes Smith * The Pied Pipers of Rock-n-Roll: Radio Deejays of the 50's & 60's * Longstreet Press


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  • David Gates * Newsweek
  • Tom Moon, Stephen Davis, Charles Mingus * Musician
  • Gary Graff * Detroit Free Press
  • Kim H. Kowalke * The Opera Quarterly
  • Carol Potera * Visions
  • Lloyd Schwartz * The Boston Phoenix, Bridge Records
  • Donna Perlmutter - The Los Angeles Times


  • NBC * Late Night With David Letterman * David Letterman * Paul Shaffer * Robert Morton
  • St. Paul Sunday Morning * Bill McGlauglin