The ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Lyric Awards

The ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Lyric Awards are presented annually to aspiring lyricists who participate in an ASCAP or ASCAP Foundation workshop in the musical theater, pop and/or country and R&S genres. Recipients must demonstrate talent and an intelligent and sensitive use of language, a talent and ability that the heirs of the late lyricist Harold Adamson, writer of "Time on My Hands" and "An Affair to Remember," seek to recognize and foster in future generations.

Past Recipients:

Rona Siddiqui - Musical Theatre
Haley Whitters - Country
Jessie “Luna” Byrd, Daniel “Kazi” Wing and Kristopher “NBDY” McCluney, Jr. - R&S
James “A-Natural” Foster, Tamira Slade and Tyler V. Dillard - R&S
Donavann “Langston Bleu” Rimpsey, Andrew “Dcember Moon” Johnson and Maria Zouroudis - R&S
Zenden Lavon, Max Levin & Kyle Scherrer "max&kyle" - Pop
Anna Vaus – Country
Ben Bonneman & Christopher Staskel - Musical Theatre
Zach Carlson – Pop
Eden Neville – Pop
Akinyemi – R&S
Larry Keith Edwards – R&S
Ashlee “BRIE” Gillum – R&S
Courtnie Henson – R&S
Melissa Lyric – R&S
Ma’at – R&S
William Nunez – R&S
Jessica “J. Nicole” Screen – R&S
Drew Preiner & Jason Woods - Pop
Austin Jenckes - Country
Mark Sonnenblick - Musical Theatre
Trevor Brown - R&S
Juanialys Corsino "Juani" - R&S
"ladidai" - R&S
Anthony "ATL" Lawrence - R&S
Maxx Moor - R&S
Peter Weis - R&S
Stevenson Everett - Country
Michael R. Jackson - Musical Theatre
Jacqueline “ENÍ” Algarin, Janos Fulop (The Arcitype),
Anthony G. Edwards (The LX), Tyler (Abstrxkt) Gabriele,
Diandra Ailene Gore, Noel Scales, Wayne Everette Wright,
Jr. (P. Wright), & Jonathan Young (JuneBthaGod) - R&S
Kelly Danaher & Marty Rod - Pop
Lonnie Lee Fowler - Country
Justin Hariz, Ben Samama [Oktavian] - Pop
Benj Pasek & Justin Paul - Musical Theatre
Niré Alldai, Aaron "YS" Dales, Raleigh Dunn (of The Vamp), Maya Milan, Frankie P, Rent Money, Cesar "Pearl Gates" Perez, Jr.  - R&S
Brandon Lay - Country
Michael Lluberes - Musical Theatre
Liana Banks, Sharina Marisela Doyle, Leon "LT The Concept" Thomas - R&S
Hannah Dasher – Country
Gabriel Kahane - Musical Theatre
Tyler Lyle - Pop
Sam Willmott - Musical Theatre
John Fullbright - Pop
Mike Pettry - Musical Theatre
Joe Iconis - Musical Theatre
Femke Weidema - Pop
Matt Gould & Griffin Matthews - Musical Theatre
Laura Jansen - Pop
Adam Gwon - Musical Theatre
Shawn Pander - Pop
Dustin James - Country
Christopher Dimond - Musical Theatre
Ryan Scott Oliver - Musical Theatre 2007