Congrats to Marc Rosett Recipient of the 2019 ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award

August 13, 2019

Andrew Isen
Jay Gorney
ASCAP writer Marc Rosett was awarded the 2019 ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award for his original song “The Winds of Change.” The song, selected by a panel of judges, is a commentary on current social and political issues.

Rosett started as a composer of piano and instrumental modern classical music but it wasn’t until nearly twenty years after that he tried writing lyrics. A few years later he started songwriting, ASCAP writer Stephen Schwartz mentored Rosett and helped him develop his songwriting ability. He has since grown immensely as a songwriter and has gone on to write in a variety of  musical styles including musical theatre, classical art songs, folk, country, holiday music, and pop.

Rosett highlights Bob Dylan and James Taylor as his greatest musical influences. Specifically, he has been inspired by Dylan’s honesty and Taylor’s use of inner rhyme. The latter also pushed Rosett to explore poetry and as a result he has produced several compilations of poems. Additionally, as a reference to his days teaching Philosophy at Clark University, Rosett also produced two books of humorous philosophical insights.

The ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award was established by Gorney’s late wife, Sondra, and his son, Dr. Roderic Gorney. In the spirit of Jay’s song, “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” which he wrote with lyricist E.Y. “Yip” Harburg, this award is presented for an original song based on its message of social conscience or social significance as well as overall craft, artistry and compositional elements.